Download AnTuTu Benchmark 8.1.4 beta by AnTuTu APK MOD

1. Troubleshoot network anomaly issues in the verification module.
2. Fixed a problem that could result in incorrect display of processor information when migrating data from a different phone model.
3. Based on user feedback, we found that the MI9 Vulkan test could have a black screen due to a GPU driver problem. We suggest that the MI 9 user upgrade to MIUI11 (the GPU driver is also upgraded) as soon as possible.
AnTuTu Benchmark is the most popular Android benchmarking application on smartphone and tablet in the world!
More than 100,000,000 users
☆ Evaluation app used at Google I / O 2014
☆ Reference Application # 1, used as the industry standard by the leading technology companies and hardware analysis sites.
With the Click and Go test suite, Antutu will thoroughly test all aspects of a device, including UX, GPU, RAM, processor, I / O, and more. Each element is evaluated individually and receives a note. These scores can be uploaded to the Antutu database and then used to rank your device among all other Android devices.
AnTuTu Benchmark V8 is developed on Android Q. It introduces a number of important improvements over existing CPU, GPU, MEM and UX tests.
New features of Antutu V8.0:
1. CPU: upgraded test algorithms, optimized support of the new ARM Tri-Cluster architecture and adjustment of the stress distribution.
2. GPU: Introducing the new Vulkan scene "Terracotta Warriors" to test the GPU performance of the mobile phone while running highly stressful games developed natively with the help of Vulkan technology.
3. GPU: Upgrades the Coastline scene from OpenGL ES 3.1 to Vulkan to test the Vulkan game performance of the GPU under medium to high stress.
4. MEM: Fully upgraded memory test items to test system file system performance and hardware direct I / O.
5. UX: Increases the load of all the test scenes. The refresh rate of the screen is included in the extent of the measurement.
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The Antutu benchmark score of your device is primarily defined by your hardware configuration, but can also be influenced by other items, including system mode, current device temperature, running applications, and more. 39, execution, etc. The score may vary slightly each time you test.
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