Download Apple Knight: Action Platformer 1.4.3 Apk + Mod (Unlocked/Money) Android

Apple Knight: Action Platform 1.4.3 Apk + Mod (Unlocked / Money) Android

Apple Knight: Platform for Action 1.4.3 Apk + Mod (unlocked/Money) Android


Apple Knight: Action Platformer Mod

Apple Knight is a unique action and adventure game. Explore stunning levels created by hand, fight the evil king's army, upgrade your weapons and reclaim your kingdom!

★ FIGHT to fight your way through hordes of wizards, knights, and evil creatures!
Defeat the enemies with your melee weapon and your ranged ability. Or use various traps distributed in the level!

★ Embark on an exciting adventure spanning multiple worlds!
Each level is handcrafted and unique in its layout. There will be a new obstacle or type of enemy in each level to discover and overcome!

★ ACQUIRE new weapons and powerful abilities!
Find crates of weapons and abilities at different levels, then equip them to enhance your character.

★ EMERGING victorious and restore peace in your kingdom!
The kingdom depends on you.


★ several worlds and levels.
★ Collect gold and buy better weapons and abilities.
★ Explore secret areas at all levels.
★ beautiful graphics.
★ controller support.
★ Many enemies and obstacles.
★ Made with a lot of love and care!

More levels and features are added every week! If you have any feature requests, do not hesitate to leave us a comment – we will certainly consider it.



Install (Note):

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How to use SAI?
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Apple Knight: Action Platformer Apk

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