Download Code Asylum 2.6 Apk + Mod Money + Data for Android

Code Asylum 2.6 Apk + Mod Money + Data for Android

Asylum Code 2.6 Apk + Mod Money + Data for Android


Asylum Code

Please note:
Beta test – Complete game with short story (4 to 5 hours of play).
All three classes are unlocked during beta testing.
New cards can be unlocked using gems.

The game

The kingdom of Avanga has lived for generations in peace with its neighbors, largely spared by wars of conquest led by small kingdoms and surrounding empires. Robust soldiers and a network of strongholds are the main means of discouraging the invaders, but the enduring freedom of Avanga rests on its spiritual strength and the fierce determination of its inhabitants to live in accordance with their sacred beliefs.

The most important saying of the Avangan people is their belief in asylum and the safety of all who ask for help. The "Asylum Code", which dates from time immemorial, even applies to enemies who seek protection: their claim for shelter must be recognized and honored.

The second most important saying of the Avangan people is the "Code of Vengeance", which requires that all mortal injury be repaid a thousand times to the aggressor in the form of pain, misery and death. Respect for this code has warned the great kingdoms not to risk an apocalyptic conflict.

And what happens when the asylum code conflicts with the code of revenge? How to reconcile the need to protect an enemy and the need to destroy it? This will be your question to decide …


Dynamic and intuitive game controls
Fierce and fast fights lasting 10 minutes or less
A captivating solo campaign to train and test your skills


3 courses

Warrior class
A melee class specialized in fighting and dealing with damage in groups. The warrior wears heavy armor and can use sword, ax and mace.


Archer-type classes tend to be wise, robust, cunning and remote damage merchants.

Ranger is a clever specialist in wilderness survival and sometimes "magic of nature" or resists magic. Their favorite weapons of the martial arts lean towards practical utility: archery and can also use a rifle.

Jadogar Class

Jadogar is considered a spellcaster who uses powerful spells, but who is often physically weak as a compromise. The power of a Jadogar is based on arcane, fire and storm, it can excel in the control of the elements and can cause damage as it pleases. Jadogar wears light armor and carries weapons and magic props.


Massively large realistic open world without loading screen, with 5 different types of terrain (desert, greenfield, cliff, snow and snow mountains)



More than 20 unique skills, physical, range and magic.
Minimum 4 unique skills to master by class



Horse mounts with different speeds



Smart AI with realistic fighting style



Different types of armor, such as light, medium and heavy
Different types of weapons, such as sword, ax, bow, stick and rifle


And much more


For questions or to get customer support, please contact our customer support department:


Fixed mount collision bug
Fixed Boar Bug
Unlocked all cards


  1. "APK" install it on your device.
  2. "co.codeasylum.CodeAsylum"Folder" android / Lobb"Copy in.
  3. Enter the game
Code Asylum Apk

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