Download Mi Pay 2.4.2 by Xiaomi MIUI APK MOD

This version has no description of the Play Store, so we have recovered one of version 2.0.11:
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Confused with multiple UPI applications? Mi Pay is here to solve your problem by integrating UPI money transfers, refills and bill payments into your MI phones.
About Mi Pay
Mi Pay is a revolutionary payment technology that is deeply integrated with your Mi phones. Mi Pay is an interoperable, secure, faster and reliable UPI (Unified Payments Interface) application developed by Xiaomi Technology and preloaded on all Mi. Mi Pay phones. users quickly transfer money between your friends and family, pay towards any store or merchant accepting UPI and allows you to recharge and pay your utility bills.
Features and benefits of Mi Pay
MI Pay offers the following features to its users:
• No need to download an UPI application
• Link and access your bank account from any bank activated by UPI on Mi Pay
• Pay from contacts, scanner, screen of the application safe and SMS
• Send or request money to friends and family just by their UPI ID or account number
• Charge your mobile for all major operators
• Pay for your postpaid mobile, fixed, broadband and DTH services
• Pay for utilities (water, gas, electricity)
• Pay for goods or services in any store or merchant accepting UPI payments
• Generate and modify the UPI PIN code of your bank account
• Check the balance of your linked bank account
• Pay by scanning all QR codes UPI or Bharat
• Generate a static / dynamic personal QR code to receive payment from other UPI users
• Check the transaction history
Important points to remember
• You should login / create an account MI
• The user's cell number must be registered with the selected bank for the use of UPI.
• The user must have a valid debit card to set the UPI PIN.
• User must keep their debit / credit card / Netbanking / UPI PIN code handy during the selected payment method
From where you can access Mi Pay
Mi Pay is accessible from the following points of contact:
• Settings >> Mi Pay Account
• Contacts >> Select any Mi Pay activated contact
• SMS >> Select any contact activated with Mi Pay and transfer money
• Scanner app >> Scan any QR UPI >> Select Mi Pay as a payment option
• Shortcut on the application's safe page
• Download MiPay from Mi Apps
Transaction limits
The amount of money that can be transferred per day and per transaction is limited to Rs. 1.00.000 (Rupees A Lakh) defined by NPCI and also depends on the individual banks.
Banks activated on Mi Pay:
Visit check the activated banks on UPI
Xiaomi reserves the right to introduce fees or charges in the future. Please check with your bank for possible transaction fees for UPI transactions with MI Pay. MI Pay will not notify users of any changes or introductions of fees by the respective banks or NPCI.
Conditions of ICICI Bank
MI Pay is offered by Xiaomi in association with ICICI Bank. Therefore, you will also be bound by the terms and conditions of ICICI Bank, available at the address
Contact Us
You can contact us when you have a problem with MI Pay.
There are two ways to contact us:
1. Call us at 1800 103 6286 (hours of service: from 09:00 to 21:00)
2. Send us an email: [email protected]