Download Public Transport Simulator 1.34.1 Apk + Mod Unlocked Android

Public Transport Simulator 1.34.1 Apk + Mod Unlocked Android

Public transport simulator 1.34.1 Apk + Mod unlocked Android


Public transport simulator

Bus driving games just got better! Being a bus driver in a bus game has never been so fun and immersive.
Move around the 3D city detailed day and night in this bus driving simulator
Change your camera and look around in the fully modeled 3D cockpit with the free viewing function, just like a real bus driver.
Enjoy the realistic physics that makes this bus simulator different from other bus driving games.
Drive your bus and unlock other buses and vehicles allowing you to enjoy different modes of play,
including Taxi Driver and Checkpoint Racing with a selection of sports cars.
Check the rankings to see how you compare to other bus drivers.
Being a bus driver in this simulator is not an easy task! Be an imprudent bus driver or crush your bus
and the passengers will fall, which will make you lose experience. The driving continues after a replay of action.
Good behavior to all!

  • 3D environments and vehicles fully modeled
  • Inside and outside view with free view
  • Realistic physics and ragdoll
  • Accidents reproductions with possibility of screen capture
  • Different control options
  • Driving a bus
  • Taxi driving
  • Van driving
  • Bonus cars and races
  • Standings


Fixed road maker issues
Fixed loading screen
Public Transport Simulator Apk

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