Download Signal Private Messenger 4.49.17 by Signal Foundation APK MOD

★ Signal's enhanced camera now supports video on new devices. Tap once to take a picture of something that touches you or hold your finger on the button to take a video of something moving.
★ Improved storage efficiency allows you to send the same attachment to sixteen friends while using only one-sixteenth of the available space on your phone.
★ Some interface improvements, such as a new (not blue) header and an updated icon set.
Millions of people use Signal daily for free and instant communications around the world. Send and receive high-fidelity messages, participate in HD audio / video calls, and explore a growing number of new features that keep you connected. Signal's advanced privacy protection technology is always on, so you can focus on sharing important moments with the people who matter to you.
• Do not say anything: state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (based on the Open Source Signal Protocol ™ protocol) secures your conversations. Confidentiality is not an optional mode, it's the way Signal works. Every message, every call, every time.
• Be fast – Messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even on slow networks. Signal is optimized to operate in the most constrained environment possible.
• Do not feel free – Signal is a 501c3 non-profit organization totally independent. Development is supported by users like you. No advertising. No trackers. No kidding.
• Be yourself – You can use your existing phone number and address book to communicate securely with your friends.
• Speak up: whether they live in the city or on the ocean, Signal's enhanced audio and video quality will make your friends and family feel closer.
• Whispering in the shadows – Switch to the dark theme if you refuse to see the light.
• Familiar sound – Choose custom alerts for each contact or turn off all noises. Simon & Garfunkel wrote a hit song about it in 1964 and you can experience the sound of silence whenever you want by choosing "None" as the notification tone.
• Imagine this: Use the built-in image editing features to sketch, crop, and flip your outgoing photos. There is even a text tool that allows you to add more words to the 1,000 that your picture is already worth.
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