Recent: Best Guitar Apps for Android and iOS

Best Guitar Apps for Android and iOS

Did you know that your smartphone or tab can expedite your learning of how to play guitar? Today’s app review article elucidates this.


In the past, to learn how to play guitar and mastering the art, it was necessary to take in-person lessons and buy guitar magazines regularly. But today, technology has revolutionized the traditional ways of learning how to become a guitarist. There is now a plethora of mobile apps — on the Play Store, on the App Store — to learn the ropes in this art.

These pieces of software are as great for neophytes as they are for seasoned guitarists. Without further ado, let’s explore the features and capabilities of these apps:

10 Best Guitar Apps for Android and iOS Phones

Handpicked below are the best guitar apps you can download and install on your Android- or iOS-powered mobile devices to help hone your skills, to serve as your personal music guide:


Yousician has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play — a testament to its incredible quality and popularity. It is a dependable guitar app that succinctly addresses your needs, whether you’re a tyro, a music teacher, a gifted singer, a pro musician, a guitarist, or a pianist. Not only does help you master how to play Guitar, but also allows you to learn Piano, Bass, and Ukulele. The app offers step-by-step video tutorials that can help you complete each lesson smoothly. It even provides fun and exciting gameplay that keeps track of your progress and enables you to stay motivated to practise and learn. With Yousician, there is no jejuneness, and the tool is your go-to personal music tutor/guide for today’s digital age.

Download Yousician on the Play Store for Android

Download Yousician on the App store for IOS

Ultimate Guitar: Chords and Tabs 

Ultimate Guitar is another top-rated app to learn how to play guitar.  With more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store, the popularity and quality of this option are unassailable. It features a vast database/library for chords as well as tablatures, with up to a million songs. While Ultimate Guitar has a free version, the premium account treats you to a more robust collection of features, such as the capability to play your songs note by note based on your preferred pace, inbuilt guitar tones for attaining right sound, and lots more. This app also offers collections from pro guitarists so you can discover different techniques for playing guitar.

Download Ultimate Guitar from the Play Store for Android

Download Ultimate Guitar from the App Store for iOS

Coach Guitar

If you are looking to an app for learning and playing popular songs on acoustic as well as electric guitars with just five (5) colors, Coach Guitar is your best bet. Designed by Manomaya SA, the tool comes with a unique visual teaching concept that features colors. Coach Guitar offers practical, detailed video lessons and contains animated fretboard.  The app is developed by ace guitar tutors and provides guitar lessons that are helpful to musicians of every level to improve their skills in record time.

Download Coach Guitar on the Play Store for Android

Download Chord Guitar on the App Store for iOS

Justin Guitar

The developer of Justin Guitar app, Musopia, created the app strictly for beginners. It teaches users the techniques for playing chords, strumming, tabs, scales, fingerpicking, capo, in addition to how they can play tons of powerful songs. When you download and install the software, you are set to receive guidance on composing your fist songs from Justin Sandercoe, who is the best real guitar teacher in the world from One of the many things you would love about this program its teaching approach is effective, real, and fascinating.

Download Justin Guitar on the Play for Android

Download Justin Guitar on the App Store for iOS