Recent: Top Best Shooting Games for iPhone and iPad

Top Best Shooting Games for iPhone and iPad

Are you searching for the best shooting games for iPhone or iPad? then continue reading this post. Does reading about or watching someone play FPS games strike a chord with you? This shows you are a huge fan of such titles. Here are the best shooting games for iPhone and iPad.

FPS games — or first-person shooting games in full — are typically characterized by a number of distinct features: high-octane, action-packed, fast-paced, and adrenaline-pumping. They are usually filled with acts of violence, with explosions, with lots of gunfire. In most games of this sort, you will be tasked to survive in an area that is rife with pugnacious enemies, intense shootings, and other dangerous activities. And you have to defend yourself effectively and attack your adversaries, either furtively or openly, to come out victorious.

On popular gaming consoles, these shooting games could be Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Destiny, and several others. However, on your iPhone and iPad, a range of fascinating titles can be found on the App Store, which will offer you the same experience.

10 Best Shooting Games for iOS

Whether you are seeking huge explosions, challenging gaming levels that will put you at your wit’s end, or crisp shooting graphics, you will find your perfect choice in the options we have highlighted below. Here are 10 top best first-person shooting games for iPhone and iPad:

DOOM Classic

DOOM Classic is our top pick among the Best Shooting Games for iPhone and iPad in this compilation as it played a key role, arguably, in laying the foundations of the shooting game genre as it is known today. With this gaming app, you can revel in playing the original 3 episodes, along with Thy Flesh Consumed, Episode Four, by wielding legendary weapons, such as the Chainsaw and the BFG 9000.

Classic Doom, equipped with 3 different control types, offers the original soundtrack and even lets you listen to your own (favorite) music as you slay your opponent with gusto. DOOM Classic is not free as it costs $4.99.

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

Playing the N.O.V.A. series is the closest way to have a feel of the cinematic experience of Call of Duty right on your iPhone/iPad. N.O.V.A. 3 takes all the remarkable features in the previous entries of the series and upgrades them to a higher level of technical finesse, sprinkled with a great dose of sci-fi action. In this game, your bullets lend a helping hand to humanity to ultimately return to Earth following years of being in exile as you battle with enemies in ten (10) immersive levels across the galaxy.

Dead Trigger 2

If you are confident you‘ve what it takes to make it out alive from a zombie apocalypse, then you need to get this game. Dead Trigger 2 takes you across 10 different regions in various parts of the globe, which lets you explore 33 distinct environments using any weapons of your from 38 various types. To succeed in this title, you need to have a disciplined trigger finger as well as the accuracy of a tactical combat veteran. You can control Dead Trigger 2 via an enhanced virtual joystick, MOGA, or via other MFi game controllers.

Rage HD

Another highly rated FPS title for iOS, Rage was among the most acclaimed games on the PC and consoles in the past; in the present, it has finally been made available for iPhone and iPad users also. It is now designed with higher resolution textures, optimally viewed on a 4th- gen mobile device or iPad. It is one of our picks among the Best Shooting Games for iPhone or iPad. If you fancy the post-apocalyptic setting of titles, such as Fallout or Wasteland or Mad Max, you would love killing voracious mutants in Rage HD. This gaming app goes for $1.99 only.

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout

This is another great game in the list of the Best Shooting Games for iPhone. Modern Combat 5 shares some similarities with Call of Duty, making it a great alternative to the trendy title. This game promises many fascinating: good fun, flawless graphics, 9 customizable classes, such as Recon, Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Bounty Hunter, Support, Sapper, Kommander, and X1-Morph. It allows single-player-oriented gamers to play through multiple missions, characterized by different challenges, and enjoy action-packed gameplay, super-cool music, and excellent vocal performances. If the multi-player combat mode is your fave, you can take part in epic team clashes in Squad versus Squad matches.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 enhances virtually all aspects of its prequel, offering an engrossing and thrilling gaming experience. Unlike in the previous version where you would run endlessly as you compete to overtake your own high score, this latest edition, with outstanding visuals and sound, has introduced a narrative as well as some changes to the run and gun gameplay. The inclusion of a story mode, coupled with a more prominent in-game progression scale has made the shoot-em-up zombie character (runner) more intriguing, which make it a delight to play on an iPhone or iPad.

Sniper Shooter

Sniper Shooter, one of the most powerful FPS games in the iOS ecosystem, offers a fun but quite challenging gaming experience, in which stick figures are the characters. The game tasks you to shoot and eliminate the bad guys. You are given loads of missions in a total of 13 chapters to complete, successfully, so you can become the master hitman. Play mini sniper puzzles if you want to improve your shooting skills.


WarFriends — Fast-paced and addictive — is an army shooting mobile game, which is developed for enthusiasts of mobile gaming all over the world. It ranks high among the Best Shooting Games for iPhone. The designer of this title rolled multiple concepts into a single game, from energy mechanics, tower-defence, to upgradeable units, cover-shooting, and even card management. This ingenuity produces a solid, addictive shooter game that comes with powerful graphics.) Whether you are playing WarFriends in single-player mode or multiplayer mode, your major aim is to become victorious in every battle and just level up.

Sniper Fury

Developed by Gameloft, Sniper Fury is a quality first-person shooter that features the same concept, like other titles produced by the popular company. The game is set in the future, during which global terrorism has reached its apogee. As a sniper, you are charged with safeguarding public hot zones, secure allies, shoot targets as well as survive spates of attacks from terrorists. Sniper Fury has been commended for its exceptionally remarkable 3D graphics, which work well with video games in primary platforms.

Clear Vision 3

Designed by the Stick Figure Concept, Clear Vision 3 is an assassin gaming app. While it has simple graphics, it is still among the most addictive and captivating FPS games out there. Clear Vision 3 isn’t just about taking the scope into position and quickly shooting since players must also consider wind power as well as distance. Depending on the request of the client, players must use a sniper rifle to eliminate their target.


Armed with the information provided in this article, you can now get your favourite among the best shooting game for your iPhone or iPad from those we reviewed above. Indeed, playing an intense, thrilling FPS game is one of the most effective ways to have cool fun with your mobile device.